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Each manufacture has their own designed mouse, But they all fall into one of three classes Track point, Touchpad, or both.


The first type of mouse (shown on the left) is a Track point. This type of mouse is usually found on IBM's. This mouse is used by applying pressure in the direction you want your mouse to go. Under the keyboard is your right and left click button along with an optional scroll key. Most people find this type of mouse more controllable then the touchpad. However it is just a matter of opinion.

The second type of mouse popular on laptops (shown on the right) is the Touchpad or UltraNav. This mouse is used by sliding your finger over the pad. You just slide your finger on the pad and the mouse point goes where you slide. It also has the left and right click mouse buttons under the keyboard. Some find this type of mouse a little harder to control.


Some of the newer laptops have both the Touchpad and the Track point or UltraNav (shown on the left) allowing you to discover which fits you better.


If you find none of these options fit your needs, you can always connect an external mouse via PS/2 port or USB port.

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